Today, we are happy to release version 0.8.0 of Tifig! The new alpha release contains the following changes:

  • UI Improvements
    • Tifig now parses the compiler output and generates corresponding error / warning markers:
    • You can now manage your Swift toolchains in the preferences:
  • Swift 4 Changes
    • Tifig now indexes the Swift 4 standard library
    • Added support for generic subscripts (SE-0148)
    • Added support for multi-Line string literals (SE-0168)
    • Added support for string newline escaping (SE-0182)
    • Added support for Swift 4's new KeyPaths (SE-0161)
    • Added support for associated types with where clauses (SE-0142)
    • Updated access control rules (SE-0169)
    • Added support for the redesigned Package Manager Manifest API (SE-0158)

As always, you can download the latest version of Tifig from the Download page. Also, some of the new features are explained in our brand-new Getting Started section.

Happy new year!