I just uploaded version 0.3.0 of Tifig. The new alpha release contains the following changes:

  • Several Parser Improvements
    • Added support for implicit parameter names ($0, $1, etc.)
    • Added support for unicode escapes in string literals
    • Improved parsing of patterns
    • Added support for declaration attributes (e.g., @IBOutlet, @objc, etc)
    • Now allows most keywords as argument labels in conformance with SE-0001
    • Added support for #selector expressions in conformance with SE-0022
    • Added support for debugging identifiers (e.g., #line, etc.) in conformance with SE-0028
    • Adjusted inout declarations in conformance with SE-0031
    • Added support for generic type aliases in conformance with SE-0048
  • Eclipse Neon
    The new version of Tifig is based on Eclipse Neon which was just released a few days ago. Here's what's New and Noteworthy in the new release of Eclipse.
  • Program Arguments
    You can now specify arguments that are passed to the program, when it is launched. Just click on Run → Run Configurations..., select the corresponding run configuration and enter the arguments into the Program arguments text field.

As always, you can download the latest version of Tifig from the Download page.