It has been three weeks since the initial Tifig release and as I wrote in the FAQ, I want to put out new alpha versions regularly. So today it’s time to release Tifig 0.2.0 which contains the following improvements:

  • Enum Declarations
    Tifig's parser can now parse enum declarations.
  • Auto Indentation
    The editor now includes a basic auto-edit strategy that automatically performs "smart" indentation based on the code that the user is typing.
  • Wizards
    In Tifig 0.1.0 new Swift files had to be created with the generic "New File" wizard, which was a bit inconvenient. This release contains wizards to create new Swift classes, structs, enums and protocols.
  • Hyperlinking
    I started to work on the indexer. It is still very basic, but you can already use it to jump from a variable / function reference to its declaration. Just hold down CMD / CTRL and click on an identifier. If the indexer is able to resolve the binding for that identifier, the cursor should jump to the corresponding declaration.

As always, you can download the latest version of Tifig from the Download page.